Your Paying Client Is Guaranteed: Even In Tough Times

Start your coaching business TOTALLY RISK


Complete your Certification course with Flowell, and we guarantee you'll find a paying client, or 50% of your money back

Get started right now. Complete the OHC course and build your virtual business and coaching career in months, not years.

  • Flowell offers you everything they need to find and keep clients. We're so confident that you'll get a paying client, that if you complete all of the levels of the Online Health Coach Certification (OHC) without a paying client, we'll refund 50% of your money.
  • The other 50% is used to pay your Success Coaches and Mentors. They give their time and energy to you so that you can find success. It's fair that they are paid for their time.

Here's what you need to do to qualify.

  • You must complete all levels of the Online Health Coach Certification.
  • You must demonstrate proof of completion of key OHC certification activities such as Discovery Calls, Feedback Sessions, Business Growth Habits, Coach Clubhouse, and Strategy Sessions.
  • You must be an active Flowell coach for no less than 3 consecutive months,
  • What's it mean to be an active coach? You attend 2 clubhouse events, and you complete 1 module of the OHC course in 3 independent 30 day periods.
We're here to help you maneuver these unchartered waters and assist in any way we can. If you have any questions or way to know more about Flowell's client guarantee, please contact us on our website:
Complete your Online Health Coach Certification and we guarantee you'll find a paying client, or your money back. The client guarantee terms are subject to change and any changes will be binding.
Only applies to US residents.
The Client Guarantee refund becomes null and void if you become more than 30 days overdue on any payment at any time.

We're honest about our Refund Policy. Read it here

  • If you qualify for the Client Guarantee, we will refund up to 50% of the price you paid for your active contract, less any discounts, of Flowell Membership, as stated on your receipt from Stripe.
  • Once your current contract period ends, you are no longer eligible for the Client Guarantee.

We want you to stay, so we auto-renew your membership unless you tell us not to

  • 3 month and 12 month membership contracts and charges are recurring.
  • Coaches may choose to finance their annual Flowell membership. By doing so they commit to 12 equal installments via ACH transfer.

Refunds apply to your Current Contract

  • Flowell has a 3 or 12 month contract period for 3 memberships: Basic, Plus, and Platinum
  • The MSRP of each membership is found at (prices are subject to change from time to time)
  • The current Contract is equal to the Membership MSRP, less any Applied Discounts of your most recent transaction with Flowell, as stated on your receipt
  • Your Current Contract Value does not include any past contracts

We hate to see you go, but here's how you cancel your Membership

  • f you need to cancel your Flowell membership, you must do so before the next auto-renewal date by contacting your Success Coach and completing this form.
  • If you wish to cancel your Membership after a recurring charge has been processed, you may do so within 5 business days of the charge to receive a 80% refund