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Meet Wubii, your Healthy Lifestyle Accountability Buddy.
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It’s Your Time To Thrive

Flowell is a mobile game that you play with your healtlhy lifestyle! Join your team, connect your apps and play to win rewards as we live a healthy lifestyle together.

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Team up with friends, family and Verified Coaches to find joy living the lifestyle you desire.

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Verified Coaches lead and serve our community

Verified Coaches are on your team! Get connected with health, fitness and life coaches who are eager to help you achieve your goals.

Are you a coach?

Flowell helps you nurture and grow your audience and community.

Live To Win

Rewards For Your Lifestyle

Earn Rewards for Steps, Workouts, Mindfulness, Sports, Sleep, Nutrition and more.

Keep Your Routine

Flowell integrates with your preferred health apps and wearables: Apple Watch, Fitbit, Calm, Garmin, MyFitnessPal, Nike Training Club, Headspace, ClassPass, Runkeeper and more.

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Live To Give

Your health supports humanitarian efforts to supply clean drinking water globally. Meet your lifestyle goals and contribute to our community to help those who need it most.

Win at life, together

Flowell is your place to be yourself and share your unique life experience to unlock infinite possibilities for the whole community.

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Bring the joy into your lifestyle goals. It’s time to find your tribe on Flowell.
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