9 Important Statistics on Health Coaches in the US

Flowell Team
October 24, 2022
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9 Important Statistics on Health Coaches in the US

Have you been curious about the statistics driving the health coaching industry in 2022? Well, you’ve come to the right place! Here are nine crucial statistics and projected estimates for health coaches in the US today. 

The US currently has over 22,102 health coaches

And this number continues to increase every day as the demand rises! More and more people are finding more freedom and more stability in their health coaching careers.

Healthcare costs are projected to be $47 trillion by 2030

Healthcare costs for treating obesity, diabetes, and other diseases will reach a record high in less than ten years. Health coaches can help lower these costs.

Women earned 99% of what men earned as health coaches in 2021

For every $1 earned by men as health coaches, women earn 99 cents. 

20.9% of health coaches are men, while 79.1% are women 

This higher percentage of women in the health coaching industry has stayed consistently the same for the last 12 years! 

The average age of a health coach today is 40+ years

According to recent studies, 54% of health coaches were 40+ years old. While 27% were 30-40 years old, and 20% were 20-30 years old. 

64% of health coaches earned their Bachelor’s degree

In addition, 16% obtained a Master’s degree, while 11% obtained an Associate’s. 

48% of health coaches work for the healthcare industry 

The most common industry, and perhaps the most obvious, that employs health coaches is the healthcare industry. Other industries like Insurance, Technology, and Non Profits employ less than 10% of health coaches. 

26% of health coaches stay at their job for 5-7 years 

And only 24% of health coaches choose to stay at their jobs for 1-2 years! 

The 3 most common career paths for health coaches are self-employment, corporate wellness, and clinical 

While these aren’t the only career paths for health coaches today, they are certainly the most popular, tried-and-true ones! 

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