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We help you grow your business by helping you build your community.

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Lay the foundation for your business and community when you become a Verified Coach

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Develop goals, create a plan, and stay accountable to your growth with the dedicated help of a Flowell Success Specialist

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Use our app and platform to save time on the business stuff, so you can focus on daily engagement and community building

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Grow into your niche to deepen your relationships, help more people and earn more revenue

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What Verified Coaches are saying

My Success Coach helped me break down bite-sized, actionable steps that feel both attainable and authentic to my mission to be of service to others.  I feel energized and ready to be a part of the Flowell community!

Victoria W.

Health Coach and Nutritionist

My 90-Day plan is exactly what I need to accelerate my coaching business. I’ve learned more about marketing and content development in the first 3 weeks as a Verified Coach than I ever have on my own.

Zainab B.

Certified Personal Trainer

“I am all in on Flowell! This team is in it for the right reasons - it’s all about community! I'm pumped to be a Verified Coach and to get my members into the app! 

Hasan L.

Owner, Geaux at Fitness

For the first 90 days, a Flowell Success Specialist is with you every step of the way

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Get to know your Flowell Success Specialist, who meets with you in a live video conversation monthly as part of your 90 day success plan

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Collaboratively set your goals, create a plan to win, and work with your dedicated Success Specialist to stay accountable to your growth

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How It Works

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Invite your clients and community to join your healthy lifestyle team
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Use Flowell's app to easily check-in and engage with your team to deepen your relationships outside of your sessions
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Revenue Growth
  • Deepen Client Relationships
  • Build Your Community
  • Increase Retention
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Business Mentorship
  • Goal Setting and Planning
  • Marketing and Content Advisory
  • Accountability Check-Ins
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Community Incentives
  • Healthy Lifestyle Games
  • Leaderboards and Challenges
  • Cash and Discount Prizes

It feels incredible to have the Flowell team in my corner!

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do Verified Coaches make money?
Verified Coaches are paid automatically through our payments parter, Stripe. You earn by offering 1:1 coaching, classes, group sessions and content through our platform and mobile app. Your engagement in the community also increases your eligibility to win rewards such as cash prizes on a daily and weekly basis.
Are there fees for Verified Coaches?
We want you to run your business the way you see fit, so we give you the freedom to set the price of your coaching services and class offerings. You earn 92% of the revenue; an 8% fee is split between Stripe payment processing and Flowell hosting services.
What types of coaches use Flowell?
Our app is for any coach who works to improve one or multiple aspects of their clients' holistic health and lifestyle, including fitness, mindset, nutrition and more.
What happens after I start my free trial?
Once you have become a Verified Coach, we will kick off our 90 day success plan and onboard you as a Verified Coach into the mobile and web platforms.
What is the 90 day success plan?
The 90 day success plan is a free support service that Flowell provides to new Verified Coaches. The plan includes an assessment of your business goals, and development of an action plan to work against in your first 90 days as a Verified Coach. Flowell offers your resources, guidance and support to help you achieve growth milestones unique to your business.  
Can I offer On-Demand video courses on Flowell?
Not yet, but creation and sale of On-Demand video courses will be available to Verified Coaches soon! 
How much content should I contribute per week?
We suggest contributing daily motivation to your team, and contributing your tips, tricks and insights to the community a few times per week.
Can Flowell community members join my team?
Yes they can, and they’re encouraged to do so! As a Verified Coach, you can create and lead teams for your clients, for people focused on a specific goal, for friends and family, and more!
What type of people are members of the Flowell community?
Any user that has a mobile phone may use Flowell's mobile app. Our app appeals a wide range of community members, from young adults to seniors. Our community supports any erson who desires to improve their health and lifestyle by particpating in a healthy lifestyle community and working with Verified Coaches.
Do my clients have to pay to download and use Flowell?
No! Your clients and community are not charged anything to join your team on Flowell.