20 Oct, 2023
09:00EST - 09:45 EST

Behavior Change Psychology: Explore behavior change models and psychological principles that can assist in guiding clients toward healthier habits

Join us at the "Behavior Change Psychology" event, where Flowell Mentor, Wendy McLaughlin will delve into intricate behavior change models and the profound psychological principles that empower professionals to skillfully steer clients towards embracing and sustaining healthier, transformative habits. Uncover the scientific foundations behind behavior transformation and unleash the potential to effect positive, lasting change in individuals' lives.


Wendy McLaughlin

Wendy trains, mentors, and assess coaches seeking to notch-up their coaching practice and provide exceptional value for their clients. She supervises coaches in all areas of coaching practice including (but not limited to) challenging client scenarios, scope of practice (SOP), code of ethics, professional considerations, Red Flags, etc.

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