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04 Oct, 2023
07:00 EST - 07:45 EST
Building Resilience: Strategies to strengthen emotional resilience and cope with the challenges of building a coaching business

Discover transformative strategies to fortify your emotional resilience and conquer the unique challenges that come with building a thriving coaching business, empowering you to unlock your fullest potential in this dynamic field!

05 Oct, 2023
05:00 EST - 05:45 EST
Building Client Accountability and Adherence: Share techniques for helping clients stay accountable to their health and wellness plans

In this Coach Clubhouse event we will delve into the intricacies of fostering client accountability and adherence to health and wellness plans through evidence-based strategies, illuminating the path to sustainable well-being. Discover the keys to empower both professionals and clients alike, forging a partnership dedicated to achieving lasting health transformations.

11 Oct, 2023
01:00 EST - 01:45 EST
How to effectively define your ideal client (building an ideal client profile) and the importance of niching down

Join us at this event where we delve deep into the art and science of crafting your perfect client profile, empowering you to hone your business strategy with precision. Discover the transformative significance of niching down and witness how scientific precision can unlock unprecedented success in your coaching journey.

12 Oct, 2023
07:00 EST - 07:45 EST
How to build a 90-day program (where to start, components of the program, how to decide on resources, etc)

Join us for a transformative event, "Unlocking the Science of Building a 90-Day Program," where you'll embark on a journey of discovery to learn the precise steps, essential components, and resource selection strategies that empower you to create a highly effective 90-day program. Harness the power of knowledge and elevate your program-building skills to new heights.

16 Oct, 2023
01:00 EST - 01:45 EST
Content Creation and Thought Leadership: Discuss strategies for creating valuable content and positioning yourself as an expert in your niche

Content Creation and Thought Leadership: Discuss strategies for creating valuable content and positioning yourself as an expert in your niche.

18 Oct, 2023
08:00 EST - 08:45 EST
Overcoming Negative Self-Talk: How to identify and change selflimiting beliefs and thought patterns (for coaching clients and health coaches to implement)

Join us at this event, where you will learn to guide coaching clients on the empowering journey of recognizing and transforming self-limiting beliefs and thought patterns, offering evidence-based strategies for personal growth and transformation. Discover the science-backed keys to unlocking your full potential and unleashing a brighter, more confident future.

20 Oct, 2023
10:00 EST - 10:00 EST
Behavior Change Psychology: Explore behavior change models and psychological principles that can assist in guiding clients toward healthier habits.

Join us at the "Behavior Change Psychology" event, where esteemed experts delve into intricate behavior change models and the profound psychological principles that empower professionals to skillfully steer clients towards embracing and sustaining healthier, transformative habits. Uncover the scientific foundations behind behavior transformation and unleash the potential to effect positive, lasting change in individuals' lives.

27 Oct, 2023
02:00 EST - 02:45 EST
Pricing and packaging your services: Decide how to price and package your program to appeal to your niche market

Join our transformative event, "Pricing and packaging your services," where you'll harness the precision of data-driven strategies and the art of market segmentation to craft a program that resonates deeply with your specialized audience. Empower your scientific prowess to unlock the secrets of pricing and packaging, paving the way for unparalleled success in your niche market.