Yoga at Home: How to Develop a Consistent Practice

Flowell Team
July 20, 2022
5 min read

When you practice yoga at home, consistency is key. Like any healthy habit, you must make a regular effort to reap yoga’s rewards.

But, just like most things that are good for you, yoga can be hard to commit to. It requires you to set aside time each day and stay motivated. Plus, some days you just don’t feel like moving your body. However, you can take steps to make it easy—and exciting—to develop a consistent practice!

Why is a consistent practice important?

While even a few minutes of yoga can bring relief, a consistent practice makes lasting positive changes to your body and mind. For example, a long-term practice can make you more flexible. Over time, your physical fitness will increase as well.

Further, yoga can help retrain your brain, improving your reaction to stress. Studies have even found that daily yoga can help improve mental health disorders.

Finally, with a consistent yoga practice, you’ll be able to improve and become a better overall yogi!

Here are some steps you can take to create a consistent yoga practice:

Pick the right style

Although yoga can be hard at first, it should still be enjoyable. As such, it is vital that you choose the style that’s best for you. For instance, if you hate cardio, you won’t be motivated to take vinyasa classes regularly. But hatha, on the other hand, may be perfect for your daily routine!

Make it comfortable

You won’t stay motivated if you’re not comfortable.

To start, make sure you have comfortable, form-fitting clothes. You’ll get annoyed if you’re constantly dealing with baggy shirts or inflexible pants.

Moreover, keep your practice space clean and at a temperature you’re comfortable exercising at. One of the perks of doing yoga at home is that you control the thermostat!

It’ll be so much easier to keep up your routine if you’re free from discomfort.

Keep your props accessible

Your daily practice shouldn’t entail a deep dive through storage. Keep any props, like your mat and yoga blocks, somewhere you can easily access them. Try setting up a yoga nook where you can neatly set your props. Additionally, you can stash them in a corner or closet—so long as you don’t bury them!

When all your tools are in reach, it will be that much easier to dive right into your daily practice.

Start small

You wouldn’t try to climb Mount Everest on your first hike. The same goes for yoga. Don’t start with a class that’s too long or too difficult for you. While it’s good to challenge yourself, you may feel overwhelmed, or pull a muscle, sinking your morale. Instead, start with something short and approachable. This makes it easy to build a routine without spending too much time or effort.

From there, you can work your way up to longer and more challenging classes!

Set goals

Setting goals is a great way to motivate yourself. That way, you will feel yourself working toward something each day.

Maybe there’s a pose you want to do but can’t. Why not make it a goal? To achieve your goal, take classes that focus on that pose and its variations. You’d be surprised what your body can accomplish with consistent effort!

Track your progress

There is endless room for improvement in yoga. When you set a goal, whether it’s a specific pose or overall flexibility, track your progress. For example, if you’re aiming to increase your flexibility, take photos of yourself in the same difficult pose each month. Note how you get better each time!

Seeing your progress each month will motivate you as you witness the benefits of your practice!

Start building your practice today

Taking a yoga class is the first step toward a consistent practice. With Flowell, it’s never been easier to start developing a yoga routine. Head over to and sign up for free to find the perfect class!

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