5 Yoga Moves to Ward Off Holiday Stress

Flowell Team
July 20, 2022
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Simple yoga moves can bring great relief.

The most wonderful time of the year can also be stressful. Between shopping, cooking, travel, and visiting family, the holidays are a lot.

But you don’t have to give in to the winter blues. As you know, yoga is a powerful tool for stress relief. So, just a few minutes of yoga each day can help ward off holiday stress.

Yoga Moves for Holiday Stress Relief

Here are five yoga poses to help you release your holiday stress:

1. Child’s pose

Child’s pose is easy, yet powerful. When you’re stressed, it helps ground you—literally.

When you perform child’s pose, you relieve pressure in your back and hips. This alleviates pain from your daily life, like sitting and standing. As your body relaxes, your mind will, too.

Child’s pose also causes you to breathe more deeply. Because it restricts your abdomen and opens your back, the pose expands your lungs. As a result, you can flush your body with oxygen. The rush of oxygen helps reduce stress.

Further, this pose calms your mind and allows you to rest. When you tuck your head between your arms, you feel safe and close to the earth. This soothes your brain, helping you relax and destress.

2. Legs up the wall

As a restorative pose, legs up the wall is perfect for stress relief.

Like many poses, legs up the wall slows your breathing. This leads to meditative relief. However, it has other, unique benefits for stress relief as well.

Legs up the wall relieves your legs when they’re tired. You will feel tension drain from your feet and legs, relaxing your body and mind.

Moreover, putting your legs up while controlling your breathing lowers your heart rate. This then activates your body’s relaxation response. When you enter this state, your body adjusts its physical and emotional response to stress.

3. Reclined bound angle pose

The reclined bound angle pose is great for relieving tension, and therefore stress.

By doing this pose, you open your hips. Our hips are very prone to storing much of our tension. As such, this pose can relieve significant tension, increasing blood flow to the rest of your body. This helps immensely to lower stress, as your blood can carry more nutrients to your brain.

Like legs up the wall, this pose also encourages meditative breathing, which aids in stress relief.

4. Standing forward fold

Stress can make us want to fold and fall to the ground. In the standing forward fold, you pretty much do just that—but don’t hit your head!

By lowering your head, you quickly increase blood flow to your brain. This sudden rush of oxygen brings clarity and calmness to your mind.

Additionally, before you begin the pose, visualize your stress. When you bend forward, feel it roll off your back and onto the ground. This simple exercise can boost the pose’s therapeutic benefits.

5. Savasana

Yogis often save savasana for the end of class. It is meant to relax your body after a long yoga session, encouraging you to let go and feel at peace. Therefore, savasana is a potent stress-relieving pose!

In savasana, you slowly focus on relaxing each part of your body. This includes your brain. Use this moment to take stock of your stress, then release it as you exhale. Further, completely relaxing your body calms your mind.

Savasana’s spiritual purpose also helps relieve stress. It leads you to turn inward, connecting with your true self. In doing this, you gain greater awareness of your feelings, helping you analyze and address your stressors.

Finally, savasana calls on you to leave your ego behind and submit to the universe. By letting go of what you cannot control, you gain perspective and power over your mind. In turn, you feel more grateful for all the good in your life.

Give Yourself the Gift of a New Yoga Practice!

Rather than stress about the holidays, take a step back and focus on the joys of the season. Starting a yoga practice is a great way to do this!

With Flowell, it’s never been easier to find the perfect yoga class. Sign up for free at flowell.co today!

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