4 Reasons Why Community Support Drives Results in Lifestyle Goals

Flowell Team
August 18, 2022
5 min read

4 Reasons Why Community Support Drives Results in Lifestyle Goals

Has this ever happened to you? You make new, healthy goals for yourself, you feel the
motivation at first, but then it starts to fade and you fall into old habits. Or, you move to a
new city alone and have to adjust to a new schedule or routine, but feel defeated a few
weeks in? Or maybe you feel discouraged when you go online and it seems like
everyone around you is so laser-focused on their own success.
I’m pretty sure we’ve all been there at some point.

But what do all of these things have in common?

Lack of community support.

The biggest reason that many of us feel defeated at some point or another when it
comes to our lifestyle goals is because we’re doing it alone. If we don’t have
accountability in our lives or healthy support groups, we are more likely to fail or fall
short of our goals. Whether you have one or a dozen supportive friends, having that
group is an important tool that can help you make healthy habits and an overall healthier lifestyle!

Here are some more reasons why community support helps drive
results in your health and wellness journey:

The power of encouragement

There is something about encouragement from the support around us that helps fuel
our motivation and continue on towards our goals. Encouragement gives us confidence
and builds us up. Alone, it’s much easier to let our mental attitudes get the better of us
or give up on accomplishing something because we’re not motivated. But when we
have community support encouraging us along the way, we tend to push ourselves
farther, run faster, and work harder. The more watched and encouraged we are by
others, the more meaningful our actions feel.


Going hand-in-hand with encouragement, accountability partners are essential in
achieving healthy lifestyle goals. Whether you’re looking for someone to run with in the
mornings, to track weight-loss progress with, or if you need someone to talk to over
coffee every week, committing to goals and sharing that journey with someone provides
you with accountability. And vice versa! Have a fitness class at 6 a.m.? Have your friend
text or call you in the morning to make sure you’re ready to go. Want to start meal
prepping? Swap healthy meal recipes or cook together a few days a week! Whatever
your goal may be, you don’t have to do it alone!

Behavior mirroring

All relationships in our lives can affect our lifestyle habits positively and negatively. Our
health and wellness habits and behaviors generally tend to reflect the people we spend
the most time with. This is called behavior mirroring. For example, if you spend the
majority of your time with family and friends who prioritize their health, make healthy
decisions, and have a positive outlook on life, chances are you’re going to pick up on
those qualities too! Surrounding yourself with people who value you and have similar
goals will reap many benefits.

The best of times, and the worst of times

Life is packed with so many ups and downs, going through them together as a
community leads to tight-knit camaraderie, motivation to keep going, and a strong social
. Two are stronger than one. Everyone goes through their own struggles

and victories, but sharing the struggles and celebrating the victories together is how we
keep going!

Are you looking for a community where you can thrive and start achieving your healthy
lifestyle goals? Well, you’ve come to the right place. With Flowell, you have the ability to
get connected with coaches and friends and grow together! It’s time to live to win, win
together, and live well in flow. Let’s get started!

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